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Molecular Parasitology

The Siegel Lab

The Siegel Lab is interested in different aspects of functional genomics and studies how changes in chromatin structure and 3D genome architecture control antigenic variation in Trypanosoma brucei.

We have established different strategies to generate high quality genome assemblies and numerous system-wide approaches to study chromatin structures and gene expression, including ribosome-profiling, high-resolution ChIP-seq, Hi-C technology and quantitative mass spectrometry-based approaches. Using these techniques, we investigate how different chromatin structures are established at specific loci along the genome, how the genome is organized in 3D across the nucleus and how this affects gene expression.

We are part of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and associated with the Chair of Experimental Parasitology (Markus Meissner). Our lab is located at the Chair of Physiological Chemistry (Andreas Ladurner) at the Biomedical Center Munich (BMC).

The Siegel Lab has received funding from the following sources:

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